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TestingLite Library Main Page Library complete

Sample programs complete

Skimpy User Manual complete

Library currently in use on 7 projects

First public release complete. To download, see the "Latest File Releases" section here: CommonTest Project

A small, but very powerful C++ library for testing C++ code AND testing standalone programs.

Features of Library:

  1. Test Running – command-line parsing and invocation of user-defined test functions
  2. Memory Leak Detection – sets up the Microsoft Run-Time library for memory leak detection
  3. Test Writing Utilities – lots of powerful goodies for making tests
  4. Logging – class to record data to a text file
RegTestLib Under development Set of C++ libraries for performing Regression Tests. Eventually this will include libraries for GUI testing using capture/playback and scripting languages.


Sponsorship for this project is being provided by Pyramid Solutions, Inc.

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