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Library Releases

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Release Date Why bother?
1.14 12/2/2000 First public release. For a general "Why bother?" answer for TestingLite, see the sales pitch.
1.15 Not Available This release contains a fix for problems with setting breakpoints in test apps. Regrettably, this fix exposed a problem with VC++'s linker/precompiled header feature. So, precompiled headers are turned off in this and all future releases. This makes the library a little bigger than before.
1.16 Not Available This release contains a fix for a file flushing problem in a stream janitor class.
1.17 6/17/2001 This release contains a fix for a file comparison bug.
Yes, I realize it has been six months since the last publicly available release. I apologize.
1.18 As Needed Currently there are no plans for another release, but that could all change based on your feedback.



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